"I Abolished Tuition Fees 10 Years Ago, It's Time England Caught Up"

28 October 2017, 16:08

Alex Salmon agrees with Jeremy Corbyn - it's about time England followed Scotland's lead and made university education accessible to everyone.

Alex Salmond ended university tuition fees in Scotland in 2008, he said it was about time England followed suit.

"Jeremy Corbyn has got it right" the former First Minister said, "Time to abolish them in England as I did in England some 10 years ago."

Salmond described tuition fees as "punitive" and highlighted 55 per cent of young people in higher education in Scotland, compared to 48 per cent England, as statistical evidence.

He was joined by Sian Griffiths to discuss the policy issue.

The LBC presenter also took aim at his alma mater St Andrews, the oldest university in Scotland, and its pitifully low admission rate for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

"See the plank in your own eye before you look for sawdust elsewhere," Salmond said.

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