Alex Salmond Says If He Could Apply For An Irish Passport, He Would

24 September 2017, 18:25

"People who attack that as unpatriotic are not facing facts."

Britons have made a record number of applications for Irish passports as Brexit becomes increasingly imminent.

But those seeking to secure their position as European citizens have been accused of lacking patriotism.

Alex Salmond defended the decision many are making, saying if his grandmother was from Limerick he would apply for dual nationality himself.

He said: "Politicians talked a big game on Brexit but haven't even done the elementary things of securing our position.

"Not just for European nationals living and working in this country, but those looking to the future and want to make sure that future generations have the same rights to travel and access to work.

"People who try and attack those as unpatriotic are not facing facts.

"if you're looking for a scapegoat, blame the Brexiteers who should've thought about this in the first place."

Watch the full scathing clip above.