Lord Heseltine Insists Theresa May Must Sack Boris Johnson

1 October 2017, 18:19

"Everybody knows Boris should be sacked."

The Remainer said in “any normal situation” the Foreign Secretary would lose his job for challenging the Prime Minister in the repeated manner that he has.

He told LBC Theresa May should ditch Boris Johnson.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister insists her Cabinet is united on her Brexit strategy.

That's despite another newspaper article this weekend in which the Foreign Secretary set out his blueprint for leaving.

Lord Heseltine said: "Everybody knows Boris should be sacked, in normal circumstances that would long since have happened.

"The Prime Minister sacked me just for voting once in the House of Lords in support of what she actually believes herself but in defiance of a three-line whip.

"But I understand why she did it, if she hadn't I would be used as an example by others to rebel. She now has a much reduced position and Boris playing the crowd, but she's in a very weak position.

"My guess is she would probably be in a stronger position if she sacked him, but it's such a risk that many people will tell her not to do it."

Watch the interview above.