Anti-monarchist tests 'how much the Met want to emulate Putin's Russia' by protesting with blank placards at the Coronation

6 May 2023, 15:47

Anti-monarchy protestor expresses 'outrage' at Met police

By Georgina Greer

As six people were arrested during the procession, anti-monarchy protestor made it clear the importance of "fighting for our most precious rights".

Andrew Castle spoke to Paul Powlesland, a barrister and anti-monarchy protestor following the arrest of Republican and Just Stop Oil protestors during the Coronation.

A total of six people were arrested during the procession. One man with an unused megaphone was arrested in St James's Park, after police claimed it "could scare the horses".

Mr Powlesland began: "I'm down here now and I intend to continue with my protest."

"I've dropped my 'Not my King' placard as apparently they're not allowed today, I've come with a blank piece of paper instead to really test how much the Met police wants to emulate Putin's Russia."

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He continued: "Are they going to let me stand there with a blank piece of paper or are they going to arrest me like they're in some petty despotic state?"

Andrew asked: "Will you declare your legal credentials Paul if they try that with you?"

Mr Powlesland responded: "Well I'm pretty sure they know who I am!"

He then revealed that he had been threatened with arrest previously for holding a blank piece of paper at the ascension of King Charles.

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He went on: "I wasn't arrested that day and I hope I won't be today, I actually wanted to come along here and express my opinion and go home."

"I don't want to be arrested today but equally I think it's important we fight for our most precious rights," the anti-monarchist concluded.