Boris Johnson is deflecting reality with baby announcement states NHS worker

1 March 2020, 15:21

Arguing whether the public has forgotten the #bekind movement during the announcements by Boris Johnson that he and Carrie Symonds are expecting a baby, Andrew Castle was taking calls on the PM's announcement.

Claire from Edgware was on the line to express her views on the Prime Minister and his news, whereby she believed it was all a ploy to stop the public criticising him.

Claire told Andrew that she had little regard for the news as the PM has a record for mistreating women. "The way he treated his second wife is abominable" she began.

The NHS worker pointed out that there are a mass of issues in the world at this moment in time and Mr. Johnson's news has come at a rather convenient time.

She spoke about coronavirus, the Home Office scandal, the floods in the west of the UK and yet "all we're talking about a 31 year old's pregnancy".

The PM announced his engagement and Carrie Symonds' pregnancy on Saturday
The PM announced his engagement and Carrie Symonds' pregnancy on Saturday. Picture: PA

"Carrie Symonds pregnancy is being used to deflect criticism from Boris Johnson" Claire concluded. According to her, all signs pointed to the PM attempting to avoid talk about how effective he's been in recent weeks.

Andrew let out a chuckle when he realised the caller was sympathetic to Labour and saw a vested interest immediately. Claire mentioned that "Jeremy Corbyn is firing on all cylinders" in his criticism of the PM's hands-off atttitude.

Claire wasn't finished with her opinions, claiming Mr. Johnson to be "hands off, he's indifferent, he's detached". Claire made the point that whenever he's had to act recently in public, "he was nowhere to be seen".