'Boris Johnson should be PM again' says caller, and defends him against 'witch hunt'

10 June 2023, 14:52

This caller defends Boris Johnson from the 'witch hunt'

By Phoebe Dampare Osei

After Boris Johnson's resignation yesterday, this caller leapt to his defence over the criticism that he has faced over Partygate.

Keith in Stoke Newington described the former Prime Minister as "poor old Boris", who is facing "continued attack".

"Poor old Boris?" Andrew Castle laughed quizzically.

His caller doubled down, calling the lockdown parties "a couple of glasses of wine after work", and branded the backlash he has faced over that, as "ridiculous".

Keith went on to call the former Conservative leader "a man of incredible intellect, incredible vision, which most people cannot see or understand", and added that he should become Prime Minister again.

"There is no equal to him, and he saved Britain from the last Labour government bankrupting this country", the Stoke Newington caller added.

When asked by Andrew why he didn't stay in power to fight the disapproval of others in the first place, the caller said he had already been fighting the criticism from "idiots" for "the last couple of years".

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"When did you become a fully paid-up member of the Boris Johnson fan club?" Andrew asked.

"I've always thought Boris was an incredible guy", Keith answered, praising his "incredible charisma" and taking aim at "the Labour government trying to bring down the Conservatives" as part of a "witch hunt".

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"I think the entire Labour government should be put in a box, the key thrown away and the box thrown away", he declared, before Andrew corrected him.

"We haven't got a Labour government yet", the presenter said. "But a lot of people would say Boris Johnson's made that far more likely."