This caller 'resents' refugees that are being given 'three meals a day' and 'pocket money'

13 November 2022, 16:39 | Updated: 14 November 2022, 08:41

This caller tells Andrew Castle that he 'resents' the refugees being given amenities.

By Grace Parsons

This caller tells Andrew Castle that he 'resents' the refugees being given these amenities.

This caller from Perth, called in to express his resentment at refugees being given "three meals a day, pocket money, free TVs, free wifi, bicycles, clothes, and leisure facilities."

The caller told Andrew: "Two of the largest hotels in Perth are not going to take reservations of customers anymore because they're going to accommodate migrants."

He then went on to list the amenities that they will receive alongside "en-suite hotel rooms".

"Surprised is an understatement ... I resent them being given all that ... any migrant reading this will be making their way to Calais to get here as soon as possible," the caller projected.

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This follows reports of over 40,000 migrants having made the perilous journey across the Channel this year. This is the highest number since the Border Force began tracking arrivals in 2018.

A total of 972 people made the crossing in 22 boats on Saturday, bringing the total to have made the journey so far in 2022 to 40,885, according to MoD figures.

Border Force officials were seen bringing groups of people to shore at Dover, Kent, yesterday, marking the first arrivals this month following a spell of bad weather.

In 2021, there were 28,561 crossings recorded.

The highest daily total on record was seen on 22 August, with 1,295 people crossing in 27 boats.

The past few years have seen a sharp increase in the number of people reaching the UK in small boats from France.

Some 299 were detected in 2018, followed by 1,843 in 2019 and 8,466 in 2020, official figures show.

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