Albanians pay £18k to pose as second drivers in lorries delivering Christmas gifts to the UK

11 November 2022, 10:09

Albanians are being offered expensive deals to pose as second drivers in lorries
Albanians are being offered expensive deals to pose as second drivers in lorries. Picture: Alamy

By Will Taylor

Albanian migrants are paying thousands of pounds to pose as second drivers in lorries delivering Christmas goods to the UK.

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People smugglers have been using Tik Tok to sell £18,000 packages that see migrants sit in the cab as if they are legitimate workers as a way to get into Britain.

An advert promises one journey a day to would-be migrants in north west Europe alongside images of British culture like the Union Jack, Tower Bridge and a red double-decker bus.

One video on the social media app says: "Every day we offer a journey as a second driver. Our last journey was successful. 18K£ for a lorry to the UK. Anyone who is now in Belgium or France should get in touch."

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"Hey Albanian after three days we have journeyed with lorry as a second lorry driver. £18,000. Secure passage," another says, according to The Telegraph.

The more expensive method is a less dangerous way of making it over the Channel compared to the perilous small boat crossings or hiding among cargo.

Despite the danger and Britain's so-far delayed attempt to threaten deportation to Rwanda, almost 40,000 people have made the Channel crossing so far.

Another 10,000 migrants could cross before Christmas
Another 10,000 migrants could cross before Christmas. Picture: Alamy

It is thought about 12,000 of them are Albanians. The UK is trying to secure a deal with the Balkan state to fast-track deportations and support development in the country in a bid to stop so many people leaving.

The Government is worried another 10,000 people could try cross over before Christmas, which would put serious pressure on migrant processing facilities in Kent. They have been criticised for alleged squalid conditions and overcrowding.

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Previously, Albania's prime minister took a furious swipe at embattled home secretary Suella Braverman, who has significantly ramped up the rhetoric against migrants, describing the Channel crossings as an "invasion".

Edi Rama, the Albanian prime minister, said: "Targeting Albanians (as some shamefully did when fighting for Brexit) as the cause of Britain's crime and border problems makes for easy rhetoric but ignores hard fact.

"Repeating the same things and expecting different results is insane (ask Einstein!)

"UK should fight the crime gangs of all nationalities and stop discriminating v Albanians to excuse policy failures."