Andrew Castle Tells Extinction Rebellion Protester: “You Think You’re Above The Law!”

19 April 2019, 07:50 | Updated: 30 April 2019, 11:52

As an Extinction Rebellion protester confirms plans to disrupt Heathrow airport this morning, Andrew Castle tells him: “You think you’re above the law!”.

Donnacha McCarthy, who was arrested on Waterloo Bridge on Thursday, claimed Britain’s busiest airport was a “blow torch to Britain’s future”.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has asked police to use the "full force of the law" to deal with any protesters at the airport.

Nearly a quarter of a million people are due to fly into or out of Heathrow today.

It follows several days of protests from climate activists which have brought parts of London to a standstill.

Andrew Castle grilled an Extinction Rebellion protester ahead of Heathrow demonstrations
Andrew Castle grilled an Extinction Rebellion protester ahead of Heathrow demonstrations. Picture: LBC/PA

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But, during an LBC grilling, protester Mr McCarthy was told: “People have had enough”.

“You and the other fully committed members of Extinction Rebellion are going to carry on disrupting everybody’s life,” Andrew boomed.

“Upsetting people having made your point, you’re just going to carry on despite the fact you’re going to alienate people and lose support.

“You will carry on, you’ll make the rules, you’ll be happy to get arrested again until you get what you want.”

He added: "You think you're above the law".

Meanwhile, a small number of protesters have tried to block a main arterial road into Heathrow.

LBC's reporter Rachael Venables, who is at the scene, said: "They were easily surrounded and stopped by a small army of police officers".

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