Grenfell activist: 'You're not touching the tower until we say so'

5 September 2021, 11:11

Grenfell activist vows demolition won't go ahead

By Seán Hickey

This campaigner declares that victims of the Grenfell disaster don't trust government claims that the Tower must be demolished for safety concerns.

Karim Mussilhy from the advocacy group Grenfell United spoke to LBC as reports claim the government are planning to demolish Grenfell Tower. The news comes as engineers conclude the building is a structural hazard nearly five years on from the fire.

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"Here we are having these discussions publicly about something so sacred to us, where our families died," he told Andrew Castle, suggesting that survivors and the bereaved should have the final say on the fate of the tower.

"Nothing is going to happen to that tower unless we say so," Mr Mussilhy declared, adding that "all this stuff that's coming out from government is insensitive and disrespectful."

Andrew pointed out that "the decision hasn't been made yet" and so the bereaved cannot be consulted on what should come next.

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Chair of Grenfell United hits out against process proposing demolition

Andrew then pointed out that structural engineers have confirmed the building is dangerous. "That's nonsense," the activist said. "Of course they're going to say that."

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"We've spoken to structural engineers that have said the tower can stay up" he claimed.

"They want this tower down as quick as possible. They want Grenfell to be forgotten." Mr Mussilhy added that activists don't trust nor believe the government claims.

Andrew wondered what the activist would do to prevent the tower being demolished. "I'll chain myself to the tower, and a lot of people feel the same way. No one can touch that tower until we say so," Mr Mussilhy concluded.