‘It’s Impossible To Fall Asleep While Driving A Tram’

19 November 2016, 09:24 | Updated: 19 November 2016, 10:01

Croydon tram driver

This caller who worked on the Tramlink and knows the 'sleeping' driver personally casts doubt on the veracity of the video.

A video published by the Sun appears to show a driver of a Croydon tram asleep at the wheel, on the same stretch where last week’s crash occurred, claiming the lives of seven passengers.

But Mike from Watford, who says he worked on the service and claims to know the driver personally, pointed out a series of problems he had with the video.

“Just to set a few things straight, last year I had the pleasure of working on the tramline, know the driver personally, he’s a very experienced driver.”

“If the video was genuine, if he’d fallen asleep for more than three seconds, that tram automatically breaks and comes to a halt very, very sharply.”

“The fact that they are stating he was asleep for sixteen seconds is a physical impossibility, because you lose pressure on the handle and the tram breaks.”

Watch as he debates the video with Andrew Castle and guest Carole Malone.