'Labour has their finger on the pulse', says Andrew Castle as the party lead in polls for the sixth week in a row

19 February 2023, 11:32

'Labour has their finger on the pulse' says Andrew Castle

Madeleine Wilson

By Madeleine Wilson

Andrew Castle brands the Conservative Party "utterly inept at the moment", telling listeners he doesn't know how the party "will claw this back" before the next election.

Opening his show, Andrew Castle said: "This is an old-fashioned topic, isn't it? Labour vs the Conservatives - it looks like a 20 or 29 points difference in the polling at the moment.

"Labour almost certainly going to win the next election - everyone's talking about that.

"I don't know how to earth the Conservatives will claw this back they look utterly inept at the moment and out of ideas.

"By the time the next election comes along they're going to be some 14 or 15 years of being in control of things and people will ask themselves fairly simple questions prompted by those on any other side of the debate saying 'do you feel a better off...

"Do you feel safer on the streets are the streets that you feel less safe on patrolled by more or less police officers than when the Conservatives came in."

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Can Keir Starmer be trusted?

Andrew continued: "I just see no answers from the Conservative Party and I'm beginning to see Labour as those with their finger on the pulse.

"Is that what they're showing to you?

"Keir Starmer goes to Ukraine, Jeremy Corbyn wouldn't have gone there I don't think, I think that's fair to say."

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