Labour MP says government under Keir Starmer will be one of 'real integrity'

22 April 2023, 12:17 | Updated: 22 April 2023, 13:02

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By Georgina Greer

In the wake of Dominic Raab's resignation, Labour MP Andrew Gwynne says that Keir Starmer would expect 'the highest standards' from his ministers.

Andrew Castle asked Labour MP Andrew Gwynne if he felt any sympathy for Dominic Raab upon his resignation.

The now-former Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab quit on Friday after a report upheld two bullying claims - but he continues to deny the allegations, hitting out at "activist senior officials" who he claimed were trying to "block government."

Mr Gynne responded that he did not, maintaining that the allegations of bullying had been 'permeating' in Westminster for 'some time'.

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He continued: "It's right for ministers to expect the right information, the right detail that they have asked for...but ministers also have a duty to be professional.

"When people in the workforce feel bullied and that bullying has been found in a report to have taken place, then it is right that Dominic Raab has gone."

Mr Gwynne went on to condemn Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, claiming that as the bullying allegations had been known by those in Westminster for some time he should not have appointed Mr Raab "in the first place."

He also maintained that Mr Raab should have been sacked rather than being allowed to resign.

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Andrew Castle responded: "It's a gift for you really isn't it? It's another chance to criticise the opposition."

He then asked Mr Gwynne if he felt "nervous" about the upcoming election.

Mr Gwynne said: "I think Keir Starmer has done a remarkable job...a government Keir Starmer leads will be a government of real integrity.

"We've got hope, we've got optimism that Britain can be a better, fairer, more equal place than it has become under 13 years of this Conservative government."