Lib Dem leader: Delay Brexit to help fight coronavirus

2 March 2020, 15:24

Boris Johnson should request an extension to Brexit to help fight the spread of coronavirus, according to the acting leader of the Liberal Democrats.

The Prime Minister chaired a COBRA meeting on the covid-19 supervirus this morning and will set out the government's battle plan tomorrow.

Speaking to LBC's Andrew Castle, Ed Davey said that the government need to focus on this - and European bodies will be vital to stop the spread.

He said: "I wouldn't be focussing on other things. I'd be focussing purely on dealing with a crisis like this and indeed the funding crisis.

Andrew Castle spoke to Ed Davey
Andrew Castle spoke to Ed Davey. Picture: LBC / PA

"I wouldn't be setting self-imposed deadlines for Brexit negotiations. Why doesn't the Prime Minister go to the EU and say 'we said we didn't want an extension, but that was before the coronavirus threat came along. Why don't we have an extension, wait six months and give ourselves space.'

"We could then co-operate on dealing with this and the whole of government can be focussed on protecting the safety of people across the UK.

"The priority should be the health of the British people."

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