This Ex-Police Officer Explains The Shocking Reason You Never See A Bobby On The Beat

5 May 2019, 10:13

An ex-police officer called in to speak to Andrew Castle and to tell LBC listeners why they never see police officers on patrol any more.

Simon said the police and the Labour party had a fractious relationship but "at least we could talk to them." The ex-cop said that when Theresa May was the Conservative Home Secretary she promised to always support them, and to cut red tape.

But, that wasn't what happened the caller claimed. Simon attributed the lack of visible officers on the streets to the introduction of a large number of new criminal offences and new investigative practices.

Simon, a police officer for more than 30 years, told Andrew Castle: "These days nobody bothers leaving the police station."

He explained that "they just sit at a computer and don't go out unless there is a 'serious matter' for them to deal with."

Police stations are closing and council offices are being rented instead.
Police stations are closing and council offices are being rented instead. Picture: LBC/PA

Maybe the most shocking revelation was that in Surrey "there is not a single police officer who walks the beat."

The number of police stations in Surrey has also fallen, down from 40 to just five according to Simon, with plans to close a further three.

With police stations closed, officers have been put into rented council officers, the ex-officer said this means cops have "just really become an extension of the council."

After 30 years, Simon says he is glad to be out of the police force.

To see the call, and hear Simon's shocking revelations, view the video at the top of the page.