Sadiq Khan's plea to Londoners in Tier 4: 'Stay in London, follow the rules'

20 December 2020, 09:46

Sadiq Khan: 'Stay in London' for Christmas and save lives

By Seán Hickey

The Mayor of London begged Londoners not to leave the city to protect their loved ones against the new wave of Covid-19.

Andrew Castle asked Sadiq Khan when he heard the news that London and the South-East were going to move into lockdown. He revealed that the Health Secretary spoke to him 20 minutes before the announcement.

Mr Khan added that he hasn't spoken to the PM since September.

"What I've been complaining about is a lack of additional support," the Mayor noted.

"We need to encourage people to follow the rules because the tiering system by [itself is] inadequate."

Andrew asked Mr Khan about the scenes of "exodus" coming from London train stations on Saturday evening.

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St Pancras International packed on night before London enters Tier 4

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The Mayor reminded those people leaving before measures came in that they could have Covid-19 "and not realise it."

"You may have the virus, you may pass it on to an elderly relation at a time when the vaccine is being rolled out and so how are you gonna feel if you, God forbid, pass the virus on?"

The Mayor issued a plea to listeners: "stay in London, try and follow the rules" reminding people "we have as many people with Covid now as we did at the peak in April."

"Let's pull together," he said, "follow the rules, and let's not overwhelm the NHS."

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