Tories can either stick with disgrace or vote for chaos, says Andrew Marr

6 June 2022, 18:14 | Updated: 6 June 2022, 18:22

Andrew Marr: Is this the end for Boris Johnson?

Should the Conservative Party stick with "disgrace today"- or vote for "chaos tomorrow?" asks Andrew Marr as the battle for Downing Street begins.

As Tory MPs were casting votes for or against Boris Johnson to remain the Prime Minister, Andrew told listeners: "Looking at the polls, listening to the boos, talking to those Tory MPs, I think the country’s turned against him in an irreversible way.

"Sure, nobody knows who might take over yet. The Tories may tear themselves apart for weeks or months. Many will agonise that tonight that they have a choice - stick with disgrace today - or vote for chaos tomorrow?

"Win or lose no Tory leader in recent times has fought a leadership contest and survived for long. In 1990 her party forced Mrs Thatcher out. Five years later John Major saw off a challenge but was thrashed in the 1997 election. Six years after that Iain Duncan Smith was out when he lost a confidence vote. Theresa May won her vote of MPs in 2018, but staggered on for just a few months before having to resign. So if history is any judge – maybe it isn't - then Boris Johnson is toast."

The comments come as Boris Johnson's future was being decided by conservative MPs who were casting their ballots in a confidence vote.

Mr Johnson told MPs on the 1922 Committee "I will lead you to victory again", warning against descending into a "pointless fratricidal debate" about the future of the Conservative Party.

But he was confronted in fiery scenes behind closed doors by Tory rebels including one who asked the PM why his “colleagues should continue to defend the indefensible” and asked why Mr Johnson removed references to “honesty and integrity” from the foreword of the ministerial code."

The result of the vote will be brought to you on LBC at 9pm.