'No one has cried as much as Vardy': Court sketcher reflects on Wagatha case

18 May 2022, 21:44

Andrew Marr hears from court illustrator Priscilla Coleman

By Daisy Stephens

The court artist in the Wagatha Christie trial has reflected on the high-profile case, telling LBC's Andrew Marr that "no one has cried" in court as much as Rebekah Vardy has.

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When Andrew asked Priscilla Coleman about conveying emotion in her sketches, she said Ms Vardy was "really distressed".

"Rebekah Vardy has cried more than - I don't think anyone's cried as much as her, or at all besides her," she said.

"She was really distressed."

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She and Andrew then looked through a selection of her court sketches, including one of Ms Vardy with her head on the table - and one of Andrew himself in the LBC studio.

Ms Coleman said Ms Vardy was "very distressed" in court
Ms Coleman said Ms Vardy was "very distressed" in court. Picture: Priscilla Coleman
She sketched Andrew Marr in the LBC studio
She sketched Andrew Marr in the LBC studio. Picture: Priscilla Coleman

When she was asked about her experience of being in court, she said she had a "great seat" and was close enough to touch Wayne Rooney.

"I sit with all the press and it's hard to get a seat but if I have a seat that's great... in this one I've got a great seat," she said.

"I could stretch my arm out... and I could touch Wayne Rooney if I wanted."

Ms Coleman said her seat in the High Court was "great"
Ms Coleman said her seat in the High Court was "great". Picture: Priscilla Coleman

Of the trial itself, she said: "It's their money, and if that's the way they want to spend it, it's their choice.

"But in a way, I don't know if - it almost makes you wonder if someone's doing this on purpose, because you can do a great made-for-TV movie about this."

Her comment led Andrew to suggest "Wagatha Christie the musical".