'Cold, cruel, brutal, ruthless gangster': Andrew Pierce obliterates Vladimir Putin

26 February 2022, 18:05 | Updated: 26 February 2022, 18:14

Andrew Pierce's brutal takedown of Vladimir Putin in under a minute.

By Tim Dodd

Andrew Pierce delivered a brutal, non-stop offensive on Vladimir Putin that could stop him in his tracks if he heard it, as Russian forces continue to invade Ukraine.

The bulk of Russia's forces are still advancing on the capital Kyiv, where street fighting has been reported, but are not yet in the city centre.

It is unclear how many troops have died at the hands of Ukraine's determined defence but Britain's intelligence services believe they are worse than Moscow thought it would suffer.

Andrew Pierce raged: "I don't think you can negotiate with Putin, I don't think the usual rules of engagement or diplomacy apply to him, he's a gangster.

"He's a former KGB agent, officer, assassin, he's cold, he's cruel, he's brutal, he's ruthless, and he's never come to terms with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

"Ukraine was the jewel in the crown as far as he's concerned and he's desperate to prise it back. He wants it for national pride - his pride."

'Russian people and soldiers don't know what's happening in Ukraine'

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Andrew continued: "He doesn't give a hoot about Russian people, he's not a democrat, he's totalitarian, he fixes the elections, and he lies through his teeth.

"We send all these politicians to talk to Lavrov the foreign minister, who even looks like a thug, what's the point? Because he has no power whatsoever, it's all down to Putin."

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