Ex-NY Governor: Afghanistan withdrawal a 'betrayal of 9/11 victims and Western civilization'

12 September 2021, 17:00 | Updated: 12 September 2021, 19:11

Ex-NY governor George Pataki condemns US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

By Tim Dodd

George Pataki, who was New York governor during 9/11, tells LBC the US' withdrawal from Afghanistan was a "betrayal" of 9/11 victims and of "Western civilization".

It comes following yesterday's commemorations across the US, UK and the world for those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks.

Mr Pataki told Camilla Tominey: "There are still people out there who detest the freedoms that we take for granted. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom to choose our own leaders.

"And they not only detest that we have those, they want to take them from us. And they're prepared to engage in vicious acts of violence to take those from us. And they did it on September 11.

"And I fear now, with the betrayal in Afghanistan by President Biden, which I think was one of the most horrific events I've seen in my lifetime, that those who wanted to attack us before are even more confident today.

"So we can never stop showing that footage, we can never forget those 3000 lives lost, and we can never stop being vigilant in defence of our freedom."

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Camilla asked: "When you describe it as a betrayal, do you mean of the victims of 9/11 directly?"

"I mean for Western civilization," Mr Pataki replied.

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"The idea that today, 20 years later, jihadists around the world are celebrating, and honouring the Taliban and other terrorist groups for having defeated the West.

"If allowing them this tremendous moment of triumph is anything but a betrayal, then I should've never gotten into public office."

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