'Incensed' Camilla Tominey blasts national insurance hike as govt 'wastes' money

30 January 2022, 17:05

'Incensed' Camilla Tominey hits out at NI increase

By Tim Dodd

An 'incensed' Camilla Tominey criticised the government for confirming a national insurance hike today, despite recently writing off £4.3 billion in fraudulent Covid loans.

It comes as the Prime Minister and Chancellor have confirmed a controversial planned tax hike to boost health funding, after it was reported that Boris Johnson was "wobbling" on the policy - but insist they are "tax-cutting Conservatives".

The 1.25 percentage point increase, designed to tackle the Covid-induced NHS backlog and reform social care, comes into effect in April.

"I must admit I'm quite incensed," Camilla told listeners.

"I'm incensed by this national insurance hike because I think it's unbelievable that [there wasn't] more coverage devoted last week to the fact that the treasury wrote off nearly £5 billion in fraudulent Covid loans.

"I'm scratching my head thinking, oh how wonderful that Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have done this joint op-ed in the Sunday Times today insisting that we must be responsible.

"What on earth was responsible about writing off that £5 billion?"

'We just can't afford those high bills, it's another mortgage.'

"What is responsible about, during the pandemic, there being a 16 per cent increase in the number of civil servants paid over 150 grand?"

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Camilla continued: "The Chief Executive of HS2... he's earning £625,000 a year to oversee a rail project, that as far as I can tell, the majority of the country doesn't actually want or think we need.

"That's four times what the Prime Minister is earning."

"So all this talk of let's pay more tax... tax and spend. Sorry, could the government maybe stop wasting and frittering away our money?"

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