'He's a liar!': David Lammy's brutal attack on Boris Johnson's time as PM

24 July 2021, 17:16

David Lammy reflects on two years of Boris Johnson in office

By Seán Hickey

To mark Boris Johnson's two year anniversary in Number 10, David Lammy proves why he thinks the PM is unfit to lead.

"I have to say the emperor has no clothes." David Lammy began. "He's naked as he stands and the country is poorer as a consequence."

His comments came as Boris Johnson celebrates his second year in office today, and proceeded to list out the Prime Minister's failings.

David noted that Mr Johnson's former editor at the Telegraph has even admitted that he's "not capable of caring for anyone other than himself."

He went on to note how the PM has failed to act sufficiently on scandals surrounding Dominic Cummings, Priti Patel and Matt Hancock.

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The Prime Minister has spent the last two years "emboldening the hard liners and people are beginning to sense that."

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He also reminded listeners of the Downing Street renovation scandal, where Mr Johnson was seen to be "keeping his wife happy some might say, at your expense."

"I haven't even mentioned the pandemic!"

David criticised the PM's handling of the pandemic: "People are just tired and all of this rests on the door of Boris Johnson"

"My colleague Dawn Butler was right, he's a liar."

He concluded by asking "in a moment of national crisis – people still dying – is this really the guy?"