David Lammy reveals what 'senior world figures' really think of Boris Johnson

11 June 2022, 16:51

David Lammy reveals what 'senior' world figures really think of Boris Johnson

By Tim Dodd

LBC presenter and Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy told listeners what he's heard about Boris Johnson "behind closed doors" from senior figures around the world.

David was discussing Boris Johnson after he called for a "line to be drawn" under the bruising confidence vote in his leadership which revealed 41 per cent of Tories wanted him out of the job. 

The Prime Minister refused to quit Downing Street and has pledged "to deliver what people care about most" after a massive revolt by Tory MPs in a crunch confidence vote.

He won a ballot on his leadership of the Tory party after backbenchers triggered one on Monday – securing 211 votes for him among Conservative MPs, while 148 rebelled.

David Lammy told listeners: "I've spent a lot of time over the last six months travelling, to meet with senior figures around the world to speak frankly, behind closed doors.

"Many admit that they see Boris Johnson as nothing more than a joke.

"When he breaks the law at home as well as internationally, they don't take his word seriously at all!

"None of them think he's a leader, when his own public and party have turned against him."

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David continued: "The result? Britain is more isolated, and increasingly divided than it's ever been before.

"When we need a respected statesperson with the power to build bridges in number 10, we've got this chancer.

"With every fib the Prime Minister gets away with, every blunder, every gaff - our democracy slowly withers away."

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