Complaining about childcare costs is ‘demeaning’, says childminder

30 October 2022, 14:25

Angry childminder is adamant that people should not complain about childcare costs.

By Abbie Reynolds

This childminder tells people to “stop complaining” about childcare costs because she says it’s demeaning to the profession.

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It came after thousands gathered to “March for Mummies” in Trafalgar Square enraged by inaccessible childcare costs.

Holly in Tooting phoned into David Lammy’s show: “I’m a childminder and know many childminders, nannies and nursery owners.

“When people are talking about the workplace they need to remember that this is our workplace. We have a living to earn, children to pay for mortgages to pay. This is our livelihood which many of us have trained very hard to get into.”

She went on: “We deserve to be awarded with the same kind of salary as other professions.”

Agreeing with a texter who said people shouldn't have children if they can’t afford them she told David “people need to think carefully in this day and age of having children”.

“Why do you think those women were marching yesterday then?” David pressed.

“Because it is a constant field of undervalue. This thing about childcare and these childcare costs we have to pay! These costs are someone else's workplace,” came her reply

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“To be moaning about childcare is demeaning,” the childminder insisted.

David questioned this notion: “You think moaning about childcare is demeaning?”

“It is demeaning to the profession one hundred per cent. It is a profession and our workplace”, she started.

“We don’t go out there moaning about other people earning a living. This is our living! Many of us single parents...”

David interrupted the caller to suggest most people would want the pay of childcare to be subsidised by the government in order to not impact wages.

Rebuking this argument she affirmed her stance on the matter: “Don’t complain about childcare costs!”

David: “If I could continue this conversation I would because there are probably some women out there who disagree with you Holly.”