'I hope Sue Gray is listening': David Lammy gives advice to partygate investigator amid delay

29 January 2022, 17:08

David Lammy explains what he'd do if he was Sue Gray

By Tim Dodd

This was David Lammy's explanation of what he would do if he was Sue Gray, the senior civil servant at the centre of investigating the Downing Street parties. 

It comes after the Met asked Ms Gray to make "minimal reference" in her report to the events being investigated so as to not include anything that could prejudice its own inquiry.

Sue Gray is set to go ahead with publishing her report looking into several alleged No10 lockdown parties "imminently", despite the request from the Met police to heavily censor findings.

The force denied delaying the publication of the report, saying when it is released is "a matter for the Cabinet Office inquiry team".

David addressed the senior civil servant: "What would I do if I was Sue Gray? And I hope Sue Gray is listening.

"I would seek counsel's opinion. If I was Sue Gray, I would immediately say to the Cabinet Office, can we get the best criminal silk to look at this? Would this prejudice a police investigation?"

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He continued: "I'm telling you what'll happen, the lawyers will come back and they'll say 'no, publish in full'.

"And at least she's then got that senior silk's decision behind her."

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