David Lammy's instant reaction to Tier 4 restrictions for London and SE England

19 December 2020, 17:34

David Lammy's instant reaction to tier 4 restrictions

By Seán Hickey

After the PM announced Tier 4 restrictions for London and the South-East in the lead up to Christmas, David Lammy was devastated by the news.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said new restrictions would be more similar to the restrictions seen in the Spring, and those in Tier 4 will not be allowed to mix households at all over the festive season.

Non-essential retail, indoor gyms and leisure facilities in these areas will close.These measures will come into force from midnight on Saturday.

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"That was devastating for so many reasons and in some ways one of the worst moments in this crisis," David Lammy insisted.

He dreaded to think that "there will now be hundreds of thousands of people spending Christmas on their own," as a result of the Governmnent's decision to lock down roughly a third of the nation.

"This has been -- this is just devastating."

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Boris Johnson announces Tier 4 restrictions for London & South East

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David went on to list out the new restrictions on the South-East of England, and was clearly dejected as he listed the new rules.

"That is a severe restriction in so many ways it is back to the original lockdown for so many people."

He admitted that he didn't understand the severity of the situation until the PM and his CMO and CSA briefed the nation: "As I was listening to it it just felt so much more serious and worse than I had anticipated."

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