Dominic Grieve Has "Consistently Obstructed Brexit", Says Former Election Opponent

30 March 2019, 17:21

A Conservative Party Member who once contested Dominic Grieve as a Ukip candidate says the Remain-backing MP has "consistently obstructed" Brexit.

A former Ukip election opponent to Dominic Grieve has refuted calls for his local Conservative Association to be suspended after the Remain-backing MP lost a vote of confidence.

Jon Crawford told Ian Payne that the result of the vote was a "clear sign" that the former attorney general was not listening to constituents.

"He has consistently obstructed the process of Brexit," Mr Crawford said.

"He has said he was ashamed of the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party."

But in response to calls for the local party to be suspended, Mr Crawford said: "What is undemocratic about the local constituency deciding who they feel would best represent them?"

- Dominic Grieve Responds To Losing Vote Of Confidence: Tory Manifesto "Undeliverable"

Conservative MP Dominic Grieve lost a motion of confidence in his Beaconsfield constituency
Conservative MP Dominic Grieve lost a motion of confidence in his Beaconsfield constituency. Picture: PA

Mr Crawford added: "It's a clear sign, just as in the referendum, that Dominic didn't really want to listen to what the majority said and it seems he doesn't want to listen to what we're saying this time.

"I don't expect for one moment Dominic would change his opinion, nor would i expect him to.

"I respect what he has to say.

"But I think that if he had confidence in his own opinion he would see it is totally at odds with Theresa May, totally at odds with the vast majority of the Conservative Party, and he should stand as an independent."

Conservative MP Dominic Grieve lost the motion of confidence by 182 votes to 131, and has not been deselected.

He told LBC that his party's election manifesto is "completely undeliverable" and that leaving the European Union is a "major historic mistake".

Former Chancellor George Osborne and former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson both shared their support for Mr Grieve.

Mr Osborne called for the Conservative head office to 'suspend the local party' whilst Mr Johnson called Mr Grieve "a good man" and "a true Conservative".

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock also joined calls for the local party to be suspended, saying that his party should "act to protect Mr Grieve because he's a man of honour".