Labour MP: Deputy Leader Tom Watson "Inept" And "Unprincipled" For Second Referendum Call

26 May 2019, 19:10

A Labour MP hit out at deputy leader Tom Watson for suggesting that failing to back a second referendum will cost the Labour Party the next general election.

Tom Watson warned his party that it will lose the next general election unless it commits 'wholeheartedly' to a second referendum.

But Labour MP Graham Stringer said the call was "tactically inept" and "unprincipled" of the deputy leader.

Speaking to Ian Payne, the MP for Blackley and Broughton accused Mr Watson of "playing to the party membership".

"I think it's tactically inept as well as unprincipled," he said.

"I think this is more to do with internal Labour Party politics than the EU, I think this is Tom trying to get the membership on side against Jeremy Corbyn."

Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson
Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson. Picture: PA

Mr Stringer also recognised the Liberal Democrats' reputation, admitting he wasn't convinced that a pro-second referendum stance would bring back Remain supporters to the Labour Party.

"I'm not even convinced you would get Labour Remain voters back because the Lib Dems have hogged that market," he said.

"They're quite clearly for overturning the referendum decision and I don't think that's ever going to be Labour's position.

"I don't think we can compete there."

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