These Two Callers In A Blazing Row Over Jeremy Kyle

14 May 2019, 13:06 | Updated: 14 May 2019, 13:07

During a passionate debate over the Jeremy Kyle show, two callers go head to head over whether the show is positive or not.

The Jeremy Kyle show was pulled from TV schedules following the death of a participant shortly after filming.

During a heated debate two listeners called Ian Payne to give their point of view on the show, which ended up with the pair vigorously putting forward their views.

One furious caller even goes as far as to say that people from the South think the country is like Game of Thrones, with the South looking down on the North.

One caller thinks it's a financial equality issue and that wealthier people have a better outlet to deal with their problems. In an impassioned plea, the caller, defending the show, points out that a great many people have been helped by the show.

Ian Payne seems amused as the two callers go at one another.
Ian Payne seems amused as the two callers go at one another. Picture: LBC

But, disagreeing with him the other caller wants to know "how can Jeremy Kyle be the right venue to address such problems?" 

Ther pro-Kyle caller is realistic though, pointing out: "Of course" the show uses people like that for ratings, but that they are still helping people.

The anti-Kyle caller fires back that he is agreeing with his point. which isn't fair  "a lot of these people are vulnerable".

The heated row ends with one caller summing up that people go on to the show for one reason, "to have their issues solved."

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