Caller Who Crowdfunded Boris Prosecution Screams His Opinion At Jacob Rees-Mogg

7 June 2019, 18:56

This caller accused Jacob Rees-Mogg of being sarcastic and ended up screaming his opinion of Boris Johnson.

During a debate about Boris Johnson's legal victory at the High Court over allegations of misconduct in a public office over claims he lied during the Brexit referendum campaign, one caller vented at Jacob Rees-Mogg.

BOB said that "thousands of people" crowdfunded the legal case against Boris Johnson, or which he was one.

Telling Jacob he has the "greatest respect," for him the caller said he has "grave concerns" over "slippery Boris Johnson" getting into a position of power.

The caller wanted to let the courts decide what is or is not in the interests of the UK

As for Boris Johnson, the caller said started to get worked up into a rage, "quite frankly, he doesn't even know what the EU is," the caller shouted.

"I've got every reason to believe he thinks the EU stands for Euston Underground station. He's an absolute joke."

Watch the whole rant at the top of the page, or watch the whole Jacob Rees-Mogg Show here.