Donald Trump 'will wind up in a courtroom' within a year, former Dep. Solicitor Gen. predicts

13 February 2021, 14:13 | Updated: 13 February 2021, 14:17

Former US DSG: Donald Trump will be in court for criminal actions

By Seán Hickey

A legal counsel during Richard Nixon's impeachment trial believes that Donald Trump will face criminal charges after his own hearing.

Philip Lacovara is the Former Deputy Solicitor General of the United States and was counsel to the Watergate Special Prosecutor during the Nixon impeachment and spoke to Matt Frei as the world awaits a vote on Donald Trump's second impeachment trial.

"Do you expect Donald Trump to be the subject of criminal investigations either into his political conduct or indeed, into his tax affairs or into his business affairs in the coming years?"

Mr Lacovera accepted that the former president "may face serious criminal investigation," citing "serious tax issues" and "bank fraud" as possible ways Mr Trump could be held to account.

He added that he "would not rule out a federal inquiry -- a criminal inquiry, into his role of inciting the insurrection of January 6th."

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The legal expert noted that although predictions suggest that Donald Trump will be acquitted in his second impeachment trial, that "does not insulate Trump from a federal criminal investigation."

Matt pushed on whether we can expect to "see him in court of one description or another." The legal expert said there is no doubt.

"He will wind up in a courtroom in the next 6-12 months" Mr Lacovara predicted.