Latest Donald Trump News

Donald Trump tweeted an image of himself as Rocky previously

Donald Trump to spend 9/11 memorial day commentating on boxing match

1 month ago

Donald Trump has gone after the US women’s soccer team after they failed to make the gold medal game and won a bronze at the Tokyo Olympics

Trump brands US women's soccer team 'leftist maniacs' after falling short of gold medal

2 months ago

(File photo) Donald Trump used grunting noises to imitate the Taliban leader

Donald Trump mimics Taliban leader with grunts and forgets his name

2 months ago

Allen Weisselberg was pictured being led to court in handcuffs

Trump Organization and its CFO charged with tax-related crimes

3 months ago

Rudy Giuliani will no longer be allowed to represent clients.

Giuliani suspended from practising law over false statements made for Trump

3 months ago

Nick Ferrari made the point after the cocktail of drugs was approved

'Donald Trump was right': Nick Ferrari explains after Covid cocktail approved for NHS

4 months ago

The Trump Organisation is now facing a criminal investigation by the NY attorney general's office

Trump investigation is now criminal, New York prosecutor says

5 months ago

Donald Trump was first suspended from Facebook in January after the Capitol riots

Donald Trump remains banned from Facebook after suspension upheld

5 months ago