Trump reelection could spur break up of United States, former Governor fears

31 October 2020, 11:35

Former Hawaii Governor on possible break up of USA

By Seán Hickey

The former Governor of Hawaii told LBC that there could be a Soviet-style break up of the USA following the Presidential election.

John Waihe'e was Democrat Governor of Hawaii between 1986 and 1994 and spoke to Matt Frei as the race for the White House hots up.

Mr Waihe'e told Matt that the US has the potential "of going through the same process the Soviet Union did," following the result of the US election next week, such is the level of tension surrounding the battle between Trump and Biden.

He told listeners that the thought of independence has been flirted with in Hawaii, noting that "there are people who seriously believe that maybe Hawaii would have to charter a different path," if Donald Trump is reelected.

Matt told the former Governor that unity in the UK has come "under real strain" during the pandemic, and wondered if the same can be seen in US in the lead up to the election.

Mr Waihe'e told Matt that "underlying all of this in the native Hawaiian aspirations and there are people in the state who would love to have a different arrangement with the United States than we currently do." This is a sentiment that has risen during the lockdown.

The former Governor of Hawaii warned that the reelection of Donald Trump could lead to a push for Hawaiian independence
The former Governor of Hawaii warned that the reelection of Donald Trump could lead to a push for Hawaiian independence. Picture: PA

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He went on: "What they're talking about now is not to justify it, but to present a vision of what it would look like if it happened."

"The point is that to have these conversations in polite company right now underscores how badly fractured the American political scene has become."

Matt cornered Mr Waihe'e, asking whether he thought the reelection of Donald Trump would be directly responsible for a push for independence in Hawaii.

He warned that "not only in Hawaii" would there be a push, adding that regardless of the result there will be many furious Americans that will scrutinise the outcome.