Uri Geller 'sending his powers' to England in Euro 2020 quarter-final

3 July 2021, 15:26

Mystic calls on England fans to harness his power for Ukraine game

By Seán Hickey

The mystic urges supporters of the Three Lions to tap into his abilities for this evenings match against Ukraine.

England play tonight in their European Championship quarter-final against Ukraine, and self-professed shepherd of England's fortunes Uri Geller spoke to Matt Frei in the run-up to the game of the year.

"Who will you try and influence, whose foot will you try and move?" Matt asked the illusionist.

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"That's quite a silly question" Mr Geller insisted, refusing to share his methods with LBC listeners.

He did reveal that he will be "with England" during the game however, adding that he'll be sending his powers to the team to drive them into the semi final.

Uri Geller takes credit for England win

"The hell with ethics! I'm going to go all the way and I want England to win."

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He called on supporters to "lock in" to his powers to support the cause, and encouraged them to say "a little prayer and keep your fingers crossed."

England fan confident about team's chances in Rome

Mr Geller has claimed credit for England's fortunes so far, insisting that his powers made German forward Thomas Müller miss a certain goal against the Three Lions on Tuesday.

Matt was skeptical: "That was you? It wasn't somehow that the ground was wet?"

"There is no doubt in my mind," the mystic insisted, adding that the "massive power of the fans" helped him fulfil the task.

"I was a catalyst, I was an enabler," he concluded, suggesting he will do the same against Ukraine.