Boris Johnson poses with giant England flag ahead of Saturday's Euros clash vs Ukraine

2 July 2021, 21:46 | Updated: 3 July 2021, 18:34

Boris Johnson posed with a giant England flag outside Downing Street
Boris Johnson posed with a giant England flag outside Downing Street. Picture: Downing Street
Nick Hardinges

By Nick Hardinges

Boris Johnson has shown his support for the England team by posing with a giant flag of St George outside Downing Street ahead of their Euro 2020 quarter-final against Ukraine.

Pictures of the prime minister standing in the centre of the mammoth national flag with his thumbs up were uploaded on the official Flickr account of No10 on Friday.

Mr Johnson's grandiose display of support for the national team comes ahead of England's crunch Saturday night fixture against Ukraine in Rome.

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Boris Johnson appeared to sign the giant England flag
Boris Johnson appeared to sign the giant England flag. Picture: Downing Street
The PM posed in the centre of the flag of St George with his thumbs up
The PM posed in the centre of the flag of St George with his thumbs up. Picture: Downing Street

It will be the side's first European Championship quarter-final since the heartbreaking penalty shootout loss to Italy in 2012.

The images of the UK Prime Minister - who did not show similar displays of support for Scotland or Wales during the tournament - were uploaded alongside the caption: "Prime Minister Boris Johnson poses for a photograph outside 10 Downing Street with a giant St George's flag ahead of the England Quarter Final game against Ukraine."

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Most of the snaps were bird's-eye views of the PM standing in the centre of the flag with his thumbs up, with the iconic door of 10 Downing Street just above him.

Two of the pictures showed Mr Johnson bent down with a pen in his hand, appearing to sign the giant banner of St George.

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Nationwide Building Society, whose branding was displayed on the flag, along with England's Three Lions badge, wrote on Twitter: "Our giant flag travelled all the way to @10DowningStreet where our very own Prime Minister, @BorisJohnson signed his support for mutual respect within football and wished @England good luck."

The images sparked a humorous reaction on Twitter, with one user writing: "I have no idea why, but for some reason I’m just seeing this as a novelty Boris Johnson candle in the middle of an England Flag themed birthday cake."

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Another wrote: "@pritipatel says England players taking the knee is gesture politics, others say it’s disrespectful & dragging politics into sport.

"@BorisJohnson standing on a cross of St George flag is not definitely not gesture politics, disrespectful & not dragging politics into sport."

Others offered their support to the PM, with one saying: "I love that man," and another writing: "Its nice to have a PM whos proud of England thank you @BorisJohnson."

However, some were less impressed.

One Twitter user replied to Nationwide, saying: "Think I might have to find a new building society."

Another wrote: "Banked with you for decades. This sight makes me want to close my accounts. Choose a more appropriate - and less divisive - poster-boy next time."

England's quarter-final match against Ukraine kicks off at 8pm on Saturday evening. You can stay up to date with the score by tuning in to LBC or our sister station LBC News, or following us on Twitter and Facebook.