Caller takes pride in England footballers taking knee but not in them singing national anthem

29 June 2021, 23:10

Caller on England footballers taking knee and singing national anthem

By Sam Sholli

A caller has told LBC she feels pride when England footballers take the knee but doesn't feel the same way when they sing the national anthem.

The exchange between Amanda from Bristol and LBC's Iain Dale has come after England reached the quarter-finals of Euro 2020 with 2-0 win over Germany at Wembley.

The victory represented England's first European Championship knockout game win in 25 years.

Speaking about England players singing the national anthem, Amanda told LBC: "I feel like that's kind of an anathema. It doesn't matter."

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She added: "When they take the knee, I feel such pride."

Iain then responded: "And you don't feel pride when they belt out the national anthem? You think it's anathema?"

In response, Amanda stated she is a republican, arguing that "the Queen has done a good job" but that the time has now come for her to "go away".

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