England fans warned not to try to travel to Rome for Saturday's Euros clash vs Ukraine

30 June 2021, 10:23

England fans have been warned not to travel to the game in Rome
England fans have been warned not to travel to the game in Rome. Picture: PA

By Asher McShane

England fans are being urged not to attempt to travel to Rome for Saturday's Euros quarter-final game against Ukraine.

Italy is on the Government's amber list for travel and the country also requires UK visitors to quarantine on arrival.

England secured a place in the last eight of the tournament, after an historic 2-0 win against Germany at Wembley last night.

Former England manager Sam Allardyce told LBC he is in no doubt that that England can beat Ukraine.

He said: "As long as they can lift themselves to that level they did against the Germans.

"They didn't need any motivation for this game whatsoever. Just ask them to be a little careful of maybe a touch of complacency, ask the manager to have a look round and say 'come on lads, this is going to be a difficult game."

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Jubilant England fans took to the streets of London to celebrate the country’s 2-0 win over Germany at Wembley last night.

England beat Germany to reach the Euro 2020 quarter-finals thanks to late goals from Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane.

Choruses of "football's coming home" rang out in central London on Tuesday evening as pockets of fans danced in the streets outside pubs and bars.

Supporters climbed up the Shaftesbury Fountain in Piccadilly Circus and sang "Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be, we're going to Wembley, que sera, sera" while spraying beer and throwing drinks into the air.

Fans were earlier seen singing and dancing in Leicester Square before they walked to Piccadilly Circus.

Around 800 people had watched the game in the fan zone in Trafalgar Square, while elsewhere in the capital Stormzy was among those gathered in Boxpark, Croydon as supporters cheered England on.

In Trafalgar Square, fans watched the match on two large screens on dozens of socially-distanced tables and benches.