Matt Frei Tells Extinction Rebellion Of Irony In Film Stars Flying To Support Climate Change Protests

20 April 2019, 10:40 | Updated: 30 April 2019, 11:51

Matt Frei tells an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson that it was ironic how climate change protesters attempted to disrupt Heathrow Airport on the day Emma Thompson flew in to support them.

The LBC presenter told the protest group's spokesperson that it was "ironic" that a group of demonstrators attempting to disrupt flights coming in and out of Heathrow Airport on the day that an actress was flying in to support their cause.

Matt Frei started by asking Dunaca McCarthy whether there was a danger that continued demonstrations would become "counter-productive" by putting people off their cause.

The spokesperson replied: "People are turning up in their thousands to be arrested, the British public are in favour of action on climate change and the public knows the establishment isn't taking the necessary action to save us."

But he agreed when Matt described the decision for actor Emma Thompson to take a flight to London to join the protests as "ironic".

Climate change activists sat around a pink bus at Oxford Circus
Climate change activists sat around a pink bus at Oxford Circus. Picture: Getty

Matt said: "So when Emma Thompson flies 5,000 miles from LA to London to join the protest on the day you're trying to shut down Heathrow Airport, there's an irony there isn't there?"

Mr McCarthy replied: "Of course there is an irony there."

Matt said: "But that sort of thing is damaging to your cause, is it not? Should you not have phoned her up and told her to stay at home?"

Mr McCarthy answered: "I accept that most of the people who are calling for climate action, whether they're politicians, bankers or film stars, all fly and they've all got destructive consumer lifestyles.

"We need to change people like her, like you, like the government."

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