Iraq expert says Iraq would be better off under Saddam Hussein

18 March 2023, 15:16 | Updated: 18 March 2023, 15:31

Iraqi expert says country would be better off under Saddam Hussein

By Grace Parsons

Iraq expert says that the country would be better of under Saddam Hussein, arguing there was "no apparatus of terror" until after the invasion.

Twenty years on from the US invasion of Iraq, Iraq expert Dr Tallha Abdulrazaq told Matt Frei that the war has left the country one of the "most fantastically corrupt on the face of the planet".

Dr Abdulrazaq said: "It's not only a legacy of failure, it's a legacy of blood. Unnecessarily spilt blood at that."

He went on: "It wasn't a war that Britain had to get involved in, or America, or anyone else for that matter.

"We can say what we like about Saddam Hussein being brutal... but the reality is, even the Iraqi people, who lived under him, not long after the invasion, not long after his execution even, had started to reminisce about the good old days - and that's still the case now."

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The Iraq expert told Matt: "What happened to all of these promises made by Bush, by Blair... George Bush issued an ultimatum saying Saddam Hussein and his sons had to leave Iraq and that the US would come in and dismantle the operation of terror and install freedom and prosperity for the Iraqi people."

Dr Abdulrazaq went on to say: "As we all know now there was no apparatus of terror, not until after the invasion... in terms of freedom, what freedom do the Iraqi's have today?

"It is one of the most fantastically corrupt countries on the face of the planet... every single promise that was made to the Iraqi people... none of that transpired."

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