John Bolton: Putin would already be in Kyiv if Trump was in charge

19 March 2022, 13:43

John Bolton says Kyiv would be occupied already if Trump was in charge

By Seán Hickey

President Trump's former National Security Adviser believes Kyiv would be in Russian hands if his former boss was still in the White House.

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John Bolton was one of President Donald Trump's chief advisers between 2018 and 2019. He joined Matt Frei to reflect on the US' response to the Ukraine crisis so far.

He took aim at President Biden's response so far, suggesting the President hasn't gone far enough to protect Ukraine from Putin's onslaught.

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"What is the danger, do you fear, of this going nuclear?" Matt asked the former US Ambassador to the UN.

"The chances are pretty remote" he declared, insisting that such a move from Putin would be "a suicide note" even with Biden in the Oval Office.

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"You've not been very complimentary about how President Biden has handled this", Matt quipped.

"What about your old boss donald trump, what would he had done?"

"If Trump had been re-elected, Putin would be in Kyiv already", Mr Bolton admitted.