Former Labour Leadership Rival Calls For Corbyn To Openly Support Second Brexit Referendum

12 January 2019, 11:10 | Updated: 12 January 2019, 19:16

Labour MP Liz Kendall says she believes Jeremy Corbyn could continue as the Labour leader even if he does not support a second referendum, despite it having significant party backing.

A study of Labour members revealed that nearly 90% would prefer to remain within the European Union, with 72% thinking Jeremy Corbyn should fully support a second referendum.

Official Labour policy is that a second vote would be considered only if a general election does not happen, however Mr Corbyn has not been openly favourable to the idea.

Jeremy Corbyn and liz Kendall in 2015
Jeremy Corbyn and liz Kendall in 2015. Picture: Getty

But when Liz Kendall was whether he should remain as the party's leader, she said: "I believe he will stay, yes."

Speaking to Matt Frei, the Labour MP said: "I hope he will listen not only to what party members want, but provide the leadership to get us out of this logjam.

"Because I think it is true that the country is sick of talking about Brexit if they want it over and done with, but honestly it is going to define our politics for the rest of my political life time."

Matt Frei said that Mr Corbyn not backing the referendum more openly would mean that "he would be out of sync" with his party "on the biggest question facing British politics at the moment."

The Labour MP was one of three who stood Mr Corbyn in the party's 2015 leadership election.