"Knives Are Being Talked About In The Same Way As Guns In America"

19 July 2017, 09:28 | Updated: 19 July 2017, 09:39

The presenter spoke to Dr Zubaida Haque, who said "it’s absolutely unacceptable that anyone should be carrying a weapon."

Matt Frei said that “people defend guns in America because they say we need them for self defence because the police isn’t up to the job.

“It’s essentially the same sort of debate, it’s ridiculous to make that argument.

“One should get rid of all knives, those used in self defence and those not.”

Dr Zubaida Haque, who is a researcher at the Runnymede Trust race equality thinktank, said: “It’s absolutely unacceptable that anyone should be carrying a weapon.

Matt Frei
Picture: LBC

“The reason some youths are carrying weapons at the moment is because they don’t believe anyone is looking after their safety.

She added: “the problem is, if someone is scared that someone is going to take their lives, taking away their knife isn’t going to solve the problem.

“What you need to address is their fear.”

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