Royal commentator: ‘there’s something quite disturbing about Harry’

7 January 2023, 11:17

Royal commentator says there's 'something not right' about Prince Harry
Royal commentator says there's 'something not right' about Prince Harry. Picture: Alamy/ LBC

By Ellen Morgan

Following the revelations from Prince Harry’s memoir, which was published in Spain this week, royal commentator and author Margaret Holder said she didn’t think the book was an attempt at reconciliation.

“I can’t imagine how reconciliation will be on the cards after this,” she said, “especially with his brother.” She called the publication of the memoir a “gross betrayal” of their relationship, before emphasising she has only seen extracts from the book.

Margaret Holder told Matt she thought Prince Harry was “disturbing,” having written a TV programme about him when he was 20 years old. Looking back, she thought at the time there was “something odd about Harry’s personality – something unresolved.”

She told Matt Frei that Prince Harry’s childhood trauma “hasn’t been dealt with,” saying even if he has had therapy to cope with his public life and mother’s death, “he very clearly isn’t right.”

Margaret Holder also said watching the trailers for Prince Harry’s interviews and Netflix docuseries made her feel like a “voyeur,” and she wondered why he was talking to TV presenters “when he should be talking to a psychiatrist.”

“There’s something not right about him,” she reiterated.

Matt interjected that Prince Harry may be suffering from PTSD, and asked Margaret whether she thought he was trying to show a more human side to himself, after growing up in a family “that has always behaved in a rather inhuman way.”

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“This is the kind of stuff that goes on in families, it’s just not what we think goes on in a royal family,” he reminded her.

Margaret Holder agreed but maintained that “there’s a theme of jealousy that runs throughout this book.”

She then said she didn’t see how the Sussexes could reconcile with the royal family, saying that they would likely withhold comment on the book until it had been published in full.