Coronavirus record will not stop Trump's reelection, former assistant predicts

24 October 2020, 14:36

US Commentators argue over Trump's responsibility for coronavirus crisis

By Seán Hickey

A former strategist for the US president tells LBC that Donald Trump's response to Covid-19 will not stop him from being reelected in November.

Matt Frei was speaking to Dr Sebastian Gorka; who is a former strategist and deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, and David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist about the impending US Presidential election and whether President Trump can win another term.

Matt noted that President Trump is "running on his record, and when it comes to Covid-19," his record has been woeful. Matt asked Mr Gorka if the pandemic could be the nail in the coffin for Donald Trump.

"Joe Biden is running a record for doing nothing for the American people for 47 years," the strategist said, turning the tables.

"The greatest achievement he's accomplished is earning millions and millions of dollars for his family."

David Cay Johnston jumped in, telling Matt that the bottom line in the US is that with 5% of the world's population, it is unacceptable that 20% of Covid deaths have come from there.

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Mr. Gorka suggested that Joe Biden is a weak candidate for US President
Mr. Gorka suggested that Joe Biden is a weak candidate for US President. Picture: PA

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Mr Johnston noted that the whole pandemic response "was completely bungled" and suggested President Trump had been lying to the American people during the pandemic.

Mr Gorka was furious by the response: "This is the level of fear-mongering the left has descended to and it is the opposite of what President Trump has been saying from the beginning."

"This is not a nation of cowards and fearful individuals," he added, suggesting that the American electorate will not stand by Joe Biden due to his careful approach to coronavirus.