Not A Single Job Will Be Lost In No-Deal Brexit: Iain Duncan Smith

5 January 2019, 15:57 | Updated: 5 January 2019, 16:22

Iain Duncan Smith has said not a single job would be lost in a hard Brexit, insisting concerns fears of leaving with no deal are "nonsense".

Speaking to Matt Stadlen, the former work and pensions secretary and Conservative leader said: "I believe not a single job will be lost, I think this is all complete nonsense".

His comments come after Conservative MP Ken Clarke called for the government to revoke Article 50 to give the UK more time to negotiate Brexit.

But Iain Duncan Smith said that extra money from Brexit could be reinvested back into public services.

"We are going to go on the basis of WTO and that means we can continue to trade but we will be searching for other trade arrangements.

"And as for the the trade arrangements that the EU has already made, those can be novated.

"Novation means that you go to the country, let's say Japan, and you say to them we accept exactly what the arrangements are now and if you accept those same ones then we will then make that a UK Japan trade deal and the EU doesn't have any say in that.

The Japanese already said that's exactly what they want to do so I don't see why there should be any jobs lost, in fact I think with the extra money will be able to invest a lot more money back into public services."