Natasha Devon rows with caller branding wokeness 'whinging victimhood'

9 May 2021, 10:47

Caller in heated row with Natasha Devon over 'wokeness'

By Seán Hickey

This caller claimed Labour's losses are down to them embracing woke culture, suggesting that the policy does not represent the views of the people.

"I think the biggest mistake was Keir Starmer taking the knee" Simon said. He told Natasha Devon that Labour's monumental losses in the elections were mainly down to a failure to read public opinion.

Natasha asked the caller what taking the knee meant to him. "Wokeness," he claimed.

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"It is an insult" to the electorate, he suggested, accusing Natasha of "defending wokeness."

When asked what wokeness was in his eyes, the caller told LBC that the woke have "self-righteous values."

"You expect your whinging victimhood and the rest of the world to revolve around you."

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He explained that "the argument is coming across to the silent masses that these people are the enemies of reason," which is alienating the core of the Labour party.

Natasha disagreed with the caller's assertions, noting that "you don't have an equal society unless everyone is equal."

"Labour has sided with a minority which is not involved with the silent majority," Simon maintained, arguing that Labour's fixation on identity politics is eroding the party base.