Trade unionist: 'It could be curtains for Labour' following disastrous campaign

8 May 2021, 18:25

By Seán Hickey

This unionist fears that the electoral damage done to Labour may be irreparable in future, telling LBC that 'the base is gone.'

Paul Embery is a columnist at UnHerd, and author of "Despised: Why the Modern Left Loathes the Working Class." He was speaking to Maajid Nawaz in the aftermath of Labour's significant losses in the elections.

The conversation centred around the disparity between northern seats and the metropolitan Labour party, and whether the gap between the two is becoming too wide.

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Maajid pointed out that northern and seaside voters are concerned about law and order, security and other issues whereas Labour isn't strong on such topics. "How does an average Labour activist begin to attempt to address those issues?"

"The Labour party has just become dominated by the Hampsted brigade" Mr Embery quipped.

He told Maajid that they've "got a lot of listening to do" if the party is to win back seats.

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"Unless they can do that, then they're never going to win them back."

Maajid wondered if, given recent results, it is "possible for Labour to ever form a Government on its own again?"

The trade unionist warned that unless the party rethinks its strategy, "it could be curtains for Labour."

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He feared that unless real changes are made to speak to the working classes, "the Labour party may never again be an electoral viable force."

"The problem now is that the base is gone" he explained, but added that "some people in the party wouldn't necessarily lose sleep" ad unless Sir Keir Starmer can rectify that, there will be deeper issues to come.