Lord Adonis: Starmer should 'consider his position' after 'catastrophic' election

8 May 2021, 11:57

'Sir Keir should consider his position' claims Lord Adonis

By Seán Hickey

Labour peer Lord Adonis hints that Keir Starmer may have to resign following monumental losses in local elections.

Andrew Castle was joined by former Labour Cabinet Secretary Lord Andrew Adonis following poor results for Labour in local elections.

After Sir Keir Starmer admitting his disappointment at results, Andrew asked Lord Adonis what the future looks like for the Labour leader.

"Keir clearly needs to consider his position because the results were a catastrophe," Lord Adonis revealed.

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He added that the loss in Hartlepool was in the making following a reduced share of the vote in 2019.

Lord Adonis suggested that Sir Keir doesn't have the charisma to match Boris Johnson: "It's no good saying that we need better policies or we need to appeal to the red wall or whatever, unless you yourself are an appealing leader who excites people's hearts and minds."

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"Are you thinking he should resign?" Andrew wondered. The Labour peer insisted that "we can't simply have more of the same," and something must change within the party.

Lord Adonis noted that "we had to have a transition from Jeremy Corbyn" and Sir Keir was that transition leader.

Because he has led the party "to this catastrophic defeat," Lord Adonis backed up his assertion that Sir Keir should consider his position.

"All leaders live and die by election.s"

"We've got to have somebody who appeals more to the political centre-ground than Boris Johnson does," Lord Adonis concluded.