'Britain needs ISIS bride Begum's help to fight terrorism' - Maajid Nawaz

15 September 2021, 16:09 | Updated: 17 September 2021, 17:50

By Seán Hickey

The UK has to accept the offer of Shamima Begum to come back and fight extremism on our shores, according to Maajid Nawaz

"Shamima Begum has said she would help Britain in our counter-extremism efforts" Maajid Nawaz pointed out, following the former ISIS bride's declaration in an interview that the UK "clearly" doesn't know what it's doing in the fight against terrorism.

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"I’ll tell you this country needs help, by the way," he admitted.

Maajid advocated for the return of Shamima Begum to help in the counter-extremism fight on our shores.

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"I think it’s both an opportunity in both in intelligence terms – a huge opportunity in intelligence terms by the way – and also in terms of social rehabilitation."

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He argued that Begum's involvement in counter-extremism and counter-terrorism will "lead by example for other young people."

Maajid reiterated that "the UK should try and help facilitate that offer that she has made to this country to help this country in challenging extremism."

He concluded by telling listeners that Shamima Begum's involvement in such causes would "address the social causes that give rise to how somebody could get groomed or radicalised."

"I think those are very important to understand.”