'Incredibly serious consequences' for China if Wuhan lab theory is true, Maajid Nawaz warns

30 May 2021, 15:26

By Seán Hickey

If it is proved that Covid-19 was leaked from a virology lab in Wuhan, Maajid Nawaz believes China will face the full force of the international community.

Maajid Nawaz welcomed news that British intelligence services are now considering the theory that Covid-19 originated in and was leaked from a lab in Wuhan as a feasible one.

"If it did come from a lab, just imagine the consequences" he wondered.

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Maajid reminded listeners about the war in Iraq and how quickly and mercilessly the UK and US invaded on the guise that weapons of mass destruction were there. He equated the fallout from a proved lab leak theory with the hard handed response to Iraq.

He told listeners that the "consequences are incredibly serious" for the Chinese regime if the theory is proved, because "the entire planet for the first time in history has been locked down because of this thing" and the CCP would have to foot the bill at the very least.

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Having been outspoken on the topic, Maajid felt somewhat vindicated by the news: "Anyone who was pointing to the obvious was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist, that's what so infuriating about all of this."

He wondered, now that official sources are considering the theory if the suppression of debate early on in the pandemic was "anything other than a conspiracy to conceal a plausible theory."

He noted that the only outlets that were debating this theory were independent podcasts with experts on as quests. "You wonder why people start losing trust in the media."

"I was labelled by multiple news outlets as a conspiracy theorist with multiple complaints made to this show" Maajid reminded listeners.